Auto Cores and Scrap Guidelines

Guidelines for Selling Auto Cores and Scrap to KB Cores

Auto Core Pricing

  • Prices are delivered to KB Cores.  
  • All engines and transmission cores are subject to KB Cores inspection and demand.  Prices and demand are subject to change at any time.
  • Offering to sell 10 or more auto cores of the same Hollander Interchange # or series requires pre-approval from KB Cores.
  • Our price list represents a general guide for pricing.  Variations within engine and transmission families will be priced accordingly.
  • Engines and transmission cores that are junk or not on the list will be bought at a reduced or scrap price.

Engine Core Requirements

  • Engine cores must be complete with: crankshaft, head(s), camshaft(s), rods, and pistons
  • There may be deductions for missing valve covers, front covers, and oil pans
  • All core must be in rebuildable condition and spin 360 degrees

Transmission Core Requirements

  • Transmission cores must have torque converter and all solenoids.
  • There may be deductions for missing oil pans, torque converters, and tail housings
  • All cores must be in rebuildable condition and spin freely

Auto Cores Shipping Requirements

Please confirm the following before shipping:

  • All parts must be properly drained of all fluids.  Seller is responsible for any oil spills/damage.
  • Seller must provide packing list (preferably in Excel format via email), including for each item:
    • Gaylord Box #
    • Hollander Interchange #
    • Expected sell price
  • Items must be packed using a standard Gaylord box, with banding around the box, on a standard pallet (40×48).
    • Place heaviest items on bottom.
    • Please pack carefully.  KB Cores is not responsible for items damaged in transit.

Freight Options

We will accept full trailers or individual Gaylord boxes/pallets. There is no minimum required.  KB Cores can assist with finding a freight carrier or LTL if needed.  If KB Cores hires the carrier, the actual cost will be deducted from payment.

See KB Cores delivery appointment policy to help ensure we know ahead of time what is being delivered and when.


Auto Scrap Guidelines

We pay for scrap engines and transmissions at the scrap prices published each month.  We ask that scrap and core are separate and marked as such.

  • Engines and transmissions should be drained of fluids before shipping.
  • Starters, alternators, ac compressors are not required on engines, nor will we pay extra if they are.
  • Scrap engines may be removed with a grapple, claw, scorpion, or other engine puller that may damage or crack the engine/trans.  
  • We do not purchase “rusty” engines (which are so rusty, the bolts cannot be removed for disassembly).  This is rarely an issue at an auto recycler; we see it more at scrap dealers, who are buying over their scale.  If we cannot disassemble it, the engine is not good to us.  If there is an excessive amount in the load, there will be a price reduction.
  • We do not buy “stripped” engines or “bare blocks” without prior approval.
  • When purchasing aluminum cased transmissions, we understand cases may be cracked or missing a small corner/piece/ear, but if the transmission case is broken in a way that a significant portion of the case is missing there will be a deduction.

If you have a concern whether your engines or transmissions will meet our guidelines, we would be happy to look at them or at photos of them before you ship them.

Garbage Policy

We pay for engines and transmissions, but not any garbage that may be included with the load.

  • Engines must be free of sub frames, but other normal items still attached to engines are acceptable (such as hoses, belts, plastic intakes, etc…) as long as they are still attached to the engine. If they are not attached, they are considered garbage.  We understand a small amount of this material may be unavoidable, but excessive amounts, along with gravel, dirt, snow, and other substances will result in a deduction.  
  • KB Cores will deduct the weight from the load and will charge $0.07/lb to cover the cost of disposal.  This charge affects a very small percentage of our customers each month, but it does happen. If it is garbage, send it to the dump, not to us.


Thank you for reviewing our auto cores and scrap guidelines and requirements for KB Cores.  We look forward to working with you!

Sales/Pricing: Matt Ruotsi    708-243-0025

Core Purchasing: Chris Snow   708-243-1154

Engine Application/Technical: Ramiro Morales 800-822-2673

Transmission Application/Technical: Troy Odgers   800-822-2673

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